Frequently Asked Questions
Q1 - Can my Jim Barna log home be customized to my needs?
A - Yes! In fact, every Jim Barna log home is a custom home, and even though we have many standard models that might meet your needs as they are, our full-service design and engineering department gives us complete flexibility in helping you design a home that ideally fits your lifestyle and is uniquely you.

Q2 - Do I save any money by going with one of the standard models?
A -Not really. The pricing for the standard models simply reflects the cost of the materials used in those models. The only cost you'll save is in the blueprints if you do not purchase an Option 1 Package; When you consider the cost of the entire house, though, it is probably worth spending the few extra hundred dollars on the blueprints to get exactly the home you want.

Q3 - Will Jim Barna construct my log home for me?
A - Jim Barna Log Homes of Ohio has independent log home construction crews. They specialize in log home building. Or as an option, Jim Barna has independent, self-employed referral crews that have been through Jim Barna Building school, that can erect your home to the dry-in stage (under roof with windows and doors installed). Or if you prefer, Log Home Builders will provide technical assistance to you or your builder in the construction of your home. Also, through our nationwide distributor organization, we have a list of local builders familiar with our homes that we can make available to you. Please feel free to contact us for more details.

Q4 - How much will my Jim Barna log home cost to finish, and how will it compare to conventional construction?
A - The finished cost of your home will depend on several factors--your location, choice of finish materials, how much of the work you do yourself, etc. But, in every case, your total investment should be about the same as a conventional home built to the same exact standards and with similar construction methods. Your log home will probably cost more than tract housing, but it should cost about the same as other custom construction.

Q5 - How energy efficient will my Jim Barna log home be?
A - Wood is one of nature's best insulators. Test after test has established that solid log walls are among the most efficient wall systems in use today, and Jim Barna's log systems are designed for tightness and lasting integrity. If you follow through with adequate roof and floor insulation (where needed), use high quality windows and doors, and make sure that all joints and openings are well sealed, your Jim Barna log home will use remarkably little energy to stay comfortable all year long.

Q6 - Will I be able to obtain financing for my Jim Barna log home?
A - With a good credit history, you will have no problem at all getting mortgage or construction financing from your local lenders. We can assist you in choosing a local lender or through our Business partnerships with other financial lending institutions, choose a Nationwide lender. What you want to look for in your lender is one that is familiar with log home lending. Lenders not familiar with log home construction may have questions or hesitations. These can usually be answered quickly and easily by examining the fast growth of the log home industry nationwide and credentials of Jim Barna Log Systems as a company. According to a survey conducted by the National Association of Home Builders, log homes, on the average, are worth more than the average conventional home, and they appreciate in value faster and so are an excellent investment for mortgage lenders. Jim Barna Log Homes of Ohio can help arrange mortgage financing through a number of nationwide lenders that work with us, and at very competitive rates! Contact us @ (440) 254-4810. A word of caution: many lenders hesitate to make construction loans to individuals building their own homes, insisting that a general contractor be employed. This is for any type of construction, not simply log homes.

Q7 - Can my Jim Barna log home be added on to in the future?
A - Yes, it can! Whether you choose a full round log, our D-log or the hewn square log, we can match our logs with identical new ones for an addition that will look like part of the original home. We can also help with the design and construction of the addition when you're ready.

Q8 - How long has Jim Barna Log Systems been in business, and how stable is the company?
A - We began manufacturing our log homes in 1975 and were incorporated in 1976 under the name Barna and Danner Co. Since then, we've grown to become one of the largest privately held companies in the industry, with over 10,000 homes having been shipped all over the United States, as well as to many overseas markets. Our control of raw materials, commitment to quality and service, and network of professional distributors will continue to insure our financial stability, while our commitment to technical innovation and pursuit of excellence will guarantee our consistent growth in the years to come.

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